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    You want to experience a truly terrifying haunted house?

Soul Reapers Haunted House exists for this reason. What's a Soul Reaper? They are the scariest, most ruthless monsters of Hell and the Queen has summoned them to devour your pathetic souls! Hearing your screams brings the Soul Reapers great satisfaction. Will you accept the challenge?!

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"Your Screams

Will Be Legendary!"



     1 Journey


Dare to accept the challenge?!

       Soul Reapers Haunted House brings you face to face with the Demons and Monsters of your scariest nightmares! The Soul Reapers emerge from Hell and take residence at the Kenosha County Fairgrounds in Wilmot, WI each October to collect and feast on your souls and screams!
      Your nightmare journey begins with you entering into our FAMOUS old mansion. Is this mansion possesed? Are the demons of Hell wandering its halls? Are they hiding under the bed or in the closet? Will you sit at their table and help SUMMON THE REAPERS?! Will you face your fears and take the first steps into this world of nightmares? Will you avoid the sacrifice of your soul? Once you step through the front door, your soul is theirs!
       If you do survive the old mansion with your soul still intact and your body “unpossessed,” there are others who will believe otherwise! Your next venture takes you through the NEW for 2019 Southport Mental Hospital and Asylum. The doctors or “Soul Surgeons” in this asylum want to cut your souls straight out of you! Is your soul for the taking? Our Soul Surgeons will see you, open you up, and find out!
      Scream your way past the Soul Surgeons and enter into The Abyss! Totally NEW in 2019, try to escape the Abyss! A mind-warping labyrinth of darkness, fog, and misdirection! Will you find your way out or just end up in Hell with the Reapers?
       If you’ve made it this far we’re guessing your soul has been tortured to its limits? No? Well, prepare yourself for Soul Reapers Realm. The underworld and home to the Soul Reapers. Follow murky passageways that will lead you past dungeon cells, through torture chambers, and straight to the Reapers of Hell. Here in their world, the Soul Reapers will finish the job! Their job of unleashing Hell on your poor, pathetic souls for eternity. All while fulfilling their duty of making your screams become legendary!
       Do you have the courage to take on the Soul Reapers at Soul Reapers Haunted House? Will you survive to tell your story. Venture to the Kenosha County Fairgrounds in Wilmot, WI during October and see if, “Your screams will be legendary!”


      Fairgrounds at 30820 111th St. Wilmot, WI
(Address is of the fair office on the south end of the grounds not that of the main entrance to the fair grounds)
 Enter at the Main Gate to the Fairgrounds. Enter main gate from Fox River Rd. Stay on Fox River Rd North of the office address to enter. Look for our lit up Haunted House sign at the main gate on Fox River Rd .


From Milwaukee:
Take I-94 south To Hwy 50. Go West on 50 to Hwy W South. Follow to Fair Grounds on your right.
From Chicago:
Take I-94 north to Hwy C. Go West on Hwy C to Hwy W. Right on W to Fair Grounds on your left.
From Kenosha:
Take Hwy 50 west to Hwy W south. Follow to Fair Grounds on your right.
From Lake Geneva:
Take Hwy 50 East to Hwy W south. Follow to Fair Grounds on your right. 


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