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Frequently Asked Questions...


Q: Are we scary?

A: Will maggots eat at your rotting dead carcass? HELL YES WE ARE SCARY! Our goal is to give you the nightmares you always wanted to experience!


Q: Are there any refunds on tickets? What if I change my mind as soon as I get to the front door and won't go in? Or say I only make it half way through the haunted house, can I get my money back?

A: NO! There are NO REFUNDS! All ticket sales are final! Did you think you were going to come to our haunted house and see fairies and princesses? You bought the ticket to get scared out of your mind! So once you purchase your tickets and step foot on the grounds, it's game over for your pathetic souls!


Q: What age is suitable to attend your haunted house?

A: The Soul Reapers show no mercy on any soul, but kindly suggest NOT to bring children 12 and under. In the end, you know your child's fear tolerance better than we do. Some younger children can handle scary, others not so much! Just remember, there are NO REFUNDS of any kind. All ticket sales are final. Make sure your child's soul is ready for the taking before purchasing their ticket.


Q: Can actors touch you?

A: NO! Actors will never intentionally touch or grab you. 


Q: Can you touch or hit an actor/worker?

A: Do you want to spend time in the clink? We have ZERO Tolerance for hitting or shoving of an actor or worker! So go ahead and be the 'tough guy!" On-site police will gladly escort you to your cold metal bunk for the remainder of the weekend. 


Q: How long does it take to go through the actual haunted house?

A: About 20-25 minutes. Everyone goes at a different pace. Some faster, some slower. 


Q: How long will I wait in line? 

A: Earlier in the season has much shorter wait time. The weekend before Halloween expect to wait much longer in line. Sometimes an hour or more. We do offer Fast-Pass Admission to cut down your wait time on these busy nights. Plan accordingly!


Q: Do I need to print and bring my tickets with me If I buy them online?

A: We do prefer you to, but if not, we can scan them off your phone or we are able to look up your order in the system with valid matching ID card.


Q: Do you have covered waiting? 

A: YES! We are open rain, shine, or snow! SNOW?! Yes snow! We are, after all, located in Wisconsin and have had snow on Halloween! Our attractions are in separate buildings with a short 10-20 ft walk between buildings, for the initial wait, WE got you covered!


Q: Is parking free?

A: Yup! Plenty of parking! We are located at the Kenosha County Fairgrounds which provides an abundance of parking!


Q: Can we be ejected from the grounds or haunted house?

A: YES! (without possible refund) We do not allow excessive foul language, unruly behavior, drugs or alcohol, and smoking is only allowed in designated areas. We want everyone to have a great time! Please be considerate of other visitors.

We are here to scare and entertain you! Everyone have a great time when visiting us!

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