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Welcome to your damnation

    You want to experience a truly terrifying haunted house?

Soul Reapers Haunted House exists for this reason. What's a Soul Reaper? They are the scariest, most ruthless monsters of Hell and Satan has summoned them to devour your pathetic souls! Hearing your screams brings the Soul Reapers great satisfaction. Will you accept the challenge?!

They're here...




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General Admission  |  $
Ticket grants general admission access to SOUL REAPERS Haunted House. 
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VIP FastPass  |  $
SKIP the general admission line! VIP Ticket grants Fast-Pass admission to SOUL REAPERS Haunted House. This option is a must on busy nights. 
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No Refunds! All Sales are final!

    We're OPEN rain or shine!

Snow? We're OPEN in that too!

Weather doesn't scare the reapers!

We have covered waiting! All our attractions are indoors!

"Your Screams

Will Be Legendary!"



     1 Journey


Dare to accept the challenge?!

       the Soul Reapers STORY


Soul Reapers Haunted House brings you face to face with the Demons and Monsters of your scariest nightmares! The Soul Reapers emerge from Hell and take residence at the Kenosha County Fairgrounds in Wilmot, WI each October to collect and feast on your souls and screams!

      Your nightmare journey begins with a visit through Madame Mizery’s mansion! Madame Mizery built her beautiful mansion in Wilmot, WI after arriving from overseas in the early 1900’s. A wealthy widow, Madame Mizery had many housekeepers and staff who resided in her mansion. After all, a mansion takes a lot of help to maintain its beauty. But when the townsfolk found out Madame Mizery and her staff were involved with hellacious activities at the hospital on her property, they were all burned at the stake. Since then, her mansion has fallen to disarray, and some say she now haunts the mansion, inviting and luring guests for their souls to take. Does Madame Mizery and her staff still haunt her mansion? Knock on the front door and the Butler will let you in to find out yourself.


      If you make it out the back door of Madame Mizery’s mansion, the path will lead you to the Hospital of Hell. Originally erected by Madame Mizery as a place to help heal those in town from tuberculosis, it’s purpose changed when Madame Mizery was guaranteed rule for eternity. She began paying the doctors to perform sadistic experiments to extract souls from the living. Souls she needed to keep her reign in the afterlife. As with Madame Mizery and her housekeepers, her doctors and surgeons met the same demise once the experiments were uncovered. Have the surgeons returned from Hell to perform more experiments? Will these “Soul Surgeons” extract your soul from with-in? Once you check in, your soul never checks out!


      So you escaped the Hospital of Hell? Congratulations! But don’t get lost in the swamp and mineshaft outback on her property. Some of the most hellish critters and creatures call this swamp home. Lurking and waiting to bite and suck the soul right out of you. The swamp will lead you directly to the mineshaft that was uncovered by Madame Mizery’s farm hands and laborers while clearing land for the erection of the hospital. Deep in the old mine Madame Mizery found her staff of souls along with the scriptures of its origin and powers. Keep the staff lit and one could rule for eternity in life and in death. But in order to keep the staff lit, it required the souls of the living for its powers. With the laborers also eventually in on her soul reaping experiments, they too met their demise with the others. Is the mineshaft now home to the mutant farm laborers from Hell? Have they made residence to kidnap and toss your body and soul down the abyss to the Reapers? 


      You’ve navigated past Madame Mizery and her evil servants, ran past the Soul Surgeons, and finally tiptoed around the Critters and Mutants from Hell, only to find the gate to the Underworld at the bottom of the mineshaft. Home to the Soul Reapers. Follow murky passageways and avoid being tossed into dungeon cells. Make your way through the torture chambers where the Soul Reapers continue to punish pathetic souls for eternity. Finally, descend down the catacombs of Hell to meet Lucifer himself and his guardian beasts. Offer him your soul and your torture may be minimal! Offer not, and he will feed you to the beasts! 


      Do you have the courage to take on the Soul Reapers at Soul Reapers Haunted House? Will you survive to tell your story? Venture to the Kenosha County Fairgrounds in Wilmot, WI during October where “Your screams will be legendary!”

Soul Reapers Haunted House Entrance Ticket Window Kenosha County Fairgrounds Wilmot, WI
Soul Reapers Hauted House Sign Banner Kenosha County Fairgrounds Wilmot, WI Wilmot Raceway
      Fairgrounds at 30820 111th St. Wilmot, WI
(Address is of the fair office on the south end of the grounds not that of the main entrance to the fair grounds)
 Enter at the Main Gate to the Fairgrounds. Enter main gate from Fox River Rd. Stay on Fox River Rd North of the office address to enter. Look for our lit up Haunted House sign at the main gate on Fox River Rd .


From Milwaukee:
Take I-94 south To Hwy 50. Go West on 50 to Hwy W South. Follow to Fair Grounds on your right.
From Chicago:
Take I-94 north to Hwy C. Go West on Hwy C to Hwy W. Right on W to Fair Grounds on your left.
From Kenosha:
Take Hwy 50 west to Hwy W south. Follow to Fair Grounds on your right.
From Lake Geneva:
Take Hwy 50 East to Hwy W south. Follow to Fair Grounds on your right. 

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